We capacitate and support social entrepreneurs to run successful SMEs.

IISLA Ventures

We help scalable SMEs access the right capital to effect systemic change in rural communities. We do this through integrated business strategic consulting and advisory, ecosystem co-creation, and tech platform development.

Conscious CEO

Why Conscious CEO?

Conscious CEO is intended for entrepreneurs and business leaders who may have the passion to pursue a social mission but have difficulties in scaling up their business operations and revenues as well as in attracting or managing investors. The 6-month program takes you through disruptive and practical insights on:

  • Conscious Leadership
  • Understanding Your Business and Mission
  • Financial Analysis
  • Strategic Planning with Impact
  • Putting Numbers to Strategy
  • Investor Presentation

The program draws expertise from an international pool of mentors who are industry leaders in business and management, impact investment, and social development.

Who are Conscious CEOs?

We are looking for both experienced and budding entrepreneurs, with or without MBAs. The SME should be inoperation for a minimum of two years with established proof of concept and audited financial statements. More importantly, we are looking for CEOs who are willing to learn principles beyond conventional business and development practices.

Be Part of Conscious CEO

Due to limited slots, interested participants are initially asked to express their interest and undergo pre-screening. Pre-selected applicants will be sent more information about the formal application process, including the training cost. Please note that IISLA provides a few slots for scholarship to SMEs that are aligned with its impact focus.