Conscious Entrepreneurship

An introduction to leading with purpose

Become an

Impact-Driven Entrepreneur

Transform yourself and your community by creating a business that helps to preserve local culture and the environment, while generating profit.

Build and grow your business
for greater impact

Acquire and develop relevant knowledge, skills and tools to mindfully start and expand your enterprise to create and scale its impact in your community and the environment.

This program will help you to:

• Understand the difference between an impact-driven and
traditional enterprise

• Define and align your personal values with your
enterprise’s vision, mission and purpose

• Gain practical and deeper insights into finance and capital markets, systems and processes to grow your enterprise and drive greater positive social and environmental impact

The Conscious Entrepreneurship Program
goes beyond traditional business theories

This program provides practical tools that enable entrepreneurs to apply these teachings in their own enterprises. These tools will help you make decisions in growing your business and prepare for investment.

Our students say…

Carlomagno Aguilar
Farmer & Founder
Fresherb, Philippines

IISLA’s Conscious Entrepreneurship programme gave my business a better direction. I now know how to be be strategic while being opportunistic and the program gave us the system for putting a strategy on our direction. I am now more number-conscious and make business decisions backed up by numbers. And lastly, I’ve learned how to make my business become investment-worthy. It really improved my financial skills, taught me how to systemise our finances and not get lost with financial terms. I can now talk to accountants comfortably and I’m so proud of myself! This training is so worth it!

Joining the Conscious Entrepreneurship Program allowed us to understand our business model better and equipped us to be more confident about scaling up, a thought that scared us for many years. Being a social entrepreneur, we are impact-driven before profit and because of that, we often lose sight of focus in establishing our foundations first, on how to be sustainable so we can continue creating longer lasting and better impacts.The programme has been transformative for our enterprise as we now knowhow to use our time and resources on what are really necessary for our overall mission.

Amalia Morante
Farmer & Founder
Kayumanggi Organic, Philippines

You don’t need any qualifications
to enrol on this course

Included in the program:

• Alignment of values with business model
• Cost analysis for effective pricing
• Accounting for entrepreneurs
• Budgeting & forecasting
• Inventory management & control
• Strategies to grow your business
• Understanding sources and uses of capital for growth

Program duration: 

12 weeks consisting of 2-hour classes and Q&A sessions delivered via Zoom.

Program dates: 

• July 6, 2022 – September 28, 2022
• October 5, 2022 – December 21, 2022

Your investment: $2,497.00